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When I first started Yes Pasaran in January of 2016, pessimism was the norm among White Nationalists. It was my intention to “white pill” our community by reporting on events & activities from our comrades in Europe and around the world.

Though direct readership of this blog has remained modest, the articles posted here were re-posted & linked to a significant number of other White Nationalist websites.  Fox 5 New York & also used Yes Pasaran as a news source.

Following the rise of the Alt-Right, Southern Nationalism, & other forms of White Nationalism, our movement has become increasingly active on the streets. This has lead to a huge increase in optimism, as well as a new found awareness of the actions of our comrades across the world. Due to this, what used to be posted here can now be found on any number of other White Nationalist websites with larger followings.

This renders Yes Pasaran redundant & thus obsolete. The blog will remain up, but not active. I will leave a list of White Nationalist websites that were used to gather news stories. Countries are listed in no particular order. Additional news may be found daily by Google searching the keywords “white supremacist”, “neo nazi”, & “far right”.


Right Sector


Reconquista Europe

Azov Battalion


Nordic Resistance Movement

Nordic Youth


Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn New York

National People’s Front (Cyprus)



Russian March


Casa Pound

Student Bloc

Forza Nuova


Nationalist Alternative

Golden Dawn Australia


Jeune Nation

Action Francaise

Groupe Union Defense Lyon

Generation Identity


Nordic Resistance Movement


National Democracy

Hogar Social Madrid



Serbian Action


Bosanski Nacionalisti


Noua Dreapta


Celtic Party


Anti-Capitalist Collective

Die Rechte

The Third Way






Bulgarian National Alliance

Czech Republic:

Worker’s Party of Social Justice

United Kingdom:

South East Alliance

National Front

Scottish Dawn

United States:

Vanguard America

AtomWaffen Division

League Of The South

Traditionalist Worker’s Party


The Daily Stormer

European Civil War

Alt-Right Portal

The New Observer



Galway, Ireland: Muslims “left terrified” After Rocks Thrown Through Mosque Windows During Prayers

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan Tweeted pictures of broken windows at the Galway mosque. Photograph: Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan/Twitter

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan of the Masjid Maryam mosque in Galway told The Irish Times that up to 100 members of the Galway mosque were left “terrified” when rocks smashed through the windows during the attack on Monday evening.

He said the the attack in Galway took place at approximately 11.20 pm on Monday evening. “Last night, during the time of prayer and actually as we prayed, rocks smashed through the windows”.

“I was leading the prayers when we heard an extremely loud bang and obviously we were in the middle of the prayers so continued on but there were one or two people who left the prayers to see what the bang was”.


Paris, France: GUD March In Honour Of Slain Nationalist Sébastien Deyzieu


On Tuesday, May 9, in Paris, nationalists including members of the GUD marched to pay tribute to Sébastien Deyzieu as well as to all of the Europeans who fell victim to the anti-white system. More than a hundred people demonstrated, starting from Port-Royal & marching to Rue des Chartreux, where Sébastien fell to his death after the police pursued him to the roof of a building following a protest of the GUD and the JNR against American imperialism. Speeches were made, a moment of silence held in his honour, & a wreath was laid at the site of his death.

Berlin, Germany: Nationalist Demonstration For Free Speech

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About 50 members of the German Identitarian movement stormed the offices of the Justice Ministry in Berlin on Friday in protest against a massive crackdown on freedom of speech in Germany.
The group arrived in a rental truck carrying a 32-foot ladder and tried to climb onto the roof of the ministry, while throwing pyrotechnics, a police spokesman told national daily Die Welt.
“They were driving a truck, with a big ladder on it and wanted to enter the ministry,” an eyewitness told the paper.
Earlier, an unannounced demonstration called for Justice Minister Heiko Maas to step down, and for the borders of the European Union to be strengthened, with some participants wearing uniforms in the style of the former East Germany’s People’s Police.
Police managed to stop the rush, and the leader of the group was arrested.
A few hours later, a group of 20 protesters remained outside the barricaded ministry, erecting a banner criticizing the prohibition of opinion.
On Friday morning Maas introduced a draft law to the Bundestag which requires social media networks to remove any references to the mass nonwhite invasion of Germany, and which forbids the spreading of any news which has not come through channels or journalists which the government has officially endorsed.
Ironically, this is all being done to “protect democracy,” the law’s proponents say, blatantly ignoring the fact that they are in fact suppressing democracy.
The proposed legislation is so outrageous that even the normally pro-establishment liberal party, the Free Democrats (FDP) have rejected it, calling it “a threat to free speech.”
The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has announced that it will file a complaint with the Constitutional Court should the draft become law. Both of these parties are likely to be part of the Bundestag after September’s national elections.
A large number of other organizations have also announced their opposition to the law. When the cabinet approved the draft law in April, a number of these groups joined together to issue a “declaration of freedom of speech” rejecting the legislation.
The groups include Wikimedia Germany, journalist organizations such as Reporters without Borders, internet activists like the Chaos Computer Club, and several lawyers who question whether the law would stand up to judicial challenges. Even Facebook Germany announced that it would oppose the law through legal means.

ACTBAC NC, Raleigh-Durham IWW Square Off In Graham, NC

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It was another humiliating day for antifa in Dixie.

ACTBAC, a Southern heritage group based in North Carolina, held a Confederate Memorial Day Celebration this afternoon in Graham, NC. Raleigh-Durham IWW, a communist group affiliated with antifa, came out to oppose them. We heard about the event and sent some of our guys from League of the South and Identity Dixie who reinforced ACTBAC which outnumbered antifa 4 to 1.

I’m told it was 100 to 120 on our side vs. 25 to 30 antifa in Graham, NC. The antifa were reduced to standing on a street corner and crying about muh “white supremacy.” They spent the day screaming profanity and venting their frustrations on the police who they compared to the Klan. Three antifa were arrested while one of our guys chanted Hail Dixie to applause from the crowd.

Here is the write up in the local news:

“Shouting members of activist groups traded verbal jabs Saturday in Graham’s Court Square, though physical altercations only took place between a few protesters and law enforcement.

The event, Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County’s Confederate Memorial Day observance, along with the Triangle Industrial Workers of the World’s counter-demonstration, began with arrests of three IWW protestors. …

At one point, a protestor allegedly grabbed a flag — either Christian or Confederate — apparently set up beside the courthouse earlier that morning by an ACTBAC member — and began to attempt to tear it, said Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson.

Capt. Steve McGilvray of the Graham Police Department said it appeared one of the protesters was “struggling to get a water bottle open” after grabbing the flag, leading officers to believe he may have been attempting to set fire to it. McGilvray said another protester quickly picked up the bottle and took it, so officers were unable to determine what was inside. …

Men dressed in camouflage and military tactical gear, known as the “Alamance County Regulators,” stood facing the protesters throughout the event. IWW protesters shouted insults at them and the law enforcement officers working the event — “(Expletive) white supremacy! (Expletive) the police!” and “The cops and the Klan go hand in hand.” — while members of the ACTBAC crowd hurled personal insults at the protesters, including comments on their odor and allegations that they didn’t work jobs.

“This ain’t Berkeley,” one ACTBAC member shouted. “You’re in Dixieland.” …

Later, Gary Williamson, ACTBAC founder, cautioned members of his group about the consequences of removing Confederate monuments, such as the one in Court Square.

“If these monuments fall … the whole land we walk on is going to fall into the hands of communism, socialism and what we see across the street over there,” Williamson said. …”

I’ve heard antifas attempted to steal, tear and burn a Christian flag. This happened before the event began and was the reason that all three of them were arrested.

Update: Here are the mugshots of the three antifa dirtbags who were arrested:

More pictures & video available on above link.

Two American Victories On The Monetary Front

Auburn to pay large legal fees after attempting to silence Alt-Right speaker

AUBURN, Ala. — After failing to prevent white nationalist Richard Spencer from speaking on its campus last month, Auburn University is now paying $29,000 in legal fees to end a lawsuit that successfully challenged their cancellation. The legal fees will be paid to Cameron Padgett of Georgia, who sued the University after it refused to allow Spencer to speak after he already booked campus space.

Spencer originally scheduled a talk at Auburn’s James E. Foy Hall on Tuesday, April 18, where he would discuss the Trump presidency, Syria, identity, and the Alt-Right. But that speech was cancelled by the University “based on legitimate concerns and credible evidence that it will jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.” Spencer then said he would show up to campus with or without a room to speak in.

After the lawsuit was filed, Federal Judge W. Keith Watkins of Montgomery ordered Auburn to honor its original agreement with Spencer to speak at Foy Hall. AU complied with the order and said “It is now more important than ever that we respond in a way that is peaceful, respectful, and maintains civil discourse.”

In a twitter video, Spencer heralded the decision as a victory for free speech. “I did not think this was going to happen,” Spencer said. “I thought the chances of victory were slim, but we did it. This is a huge win.”

Spencer spoke to a crowd of several hundred at Auburn, while several hundred more protested his presence outside.

The Spencer episode is one of many nationally that have pitted the code of political correctness against the constitutionally enshrined value of free speech. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s invitation to the University of California, Berkeley sparked intense riots among liberal students who did not want her to step foot on campus. In Alabama, Former Breitbart Technology Editor Milo Yiannopoulos visited both Auburn and The University of Alabama last fall at the invitation of both schools’ College Republican groups, causing unrest amongst the schools’ liberal factions.

Trump administration freezes $10 million to fight “violent extremism”

Image result for violent extremism

When they say “violent extremism”, they mean White Nationalism.

More than 30 organizations — including six police departments — were tapped by the Obama administration to receive $10 million in grants to counter violent extremism. The Trump administration has those grants on hold.

There is no reason yet given, but the state taking some pressure off of White dissidents is definitely a good thing.

Khabarovsk, Russia: National Socialist Youth Opens Fire In FSB Office, Killing Two

An underage gunman with links to Russian neo-Nazi groups burst into a Federal Security Service (FSB, successor to the KGB) building in Khabarovsk on April 21, and opened fire. According to the FSB’s public relations center “at 17:02 (10:02 Moscow time) an unknown person entered the FSB reception room in Khabarovsk Krai and began to shoot… An employee of the FSB and one citizen of Central Asia were killed, whilst another was wounded.” The assailant was killed by FSB agents in the resulting shootout (Kommersant, April 21). Later, the FSB revealed the identity of the gunman to be A.V. Konev, a local boy born in 1999 and just 17 at the time of the shooting. Konev had procured his weapons from a local “Hammer” rifle club, after killing its instructor (Kommersant, April 21). The event brings to light the perils of loose guns in the Russian Federation, which have become increasingly disseminated throughout the country both from heists, like the one in Khabarovsk, and from the ongoing conflicts in the North Caucasus and Donbas regions (see EDM, April 11). As weapons fall into the hands of those who may actually use them, the trend raises fears of renewed terrorist violence.