Nordic Resistance Movement 2015 Recap

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ANNUAL REPORT. In this article, summed up the previous fighters.Sweden’s most active municipalities run, and the most memorable activities lined up.


Ever since I started writing these annual reports in 2012, it has been a true pleasure when, with simplicity able to show that the organization is growing and becoming more active. Every year we have broken new activity record and after each written article, I had the thought, “How the hell should we manage to top this year?”

Now we are here again. Another year is done and to be summed up. We have increased again, or is the organization still, and trample?

In 2014 sent it into battle 704 reports from just over 100 Swedish municipalities. Last year, 2015, was sent there in 1496 battle reports from 159 different municipalities around the country. So we have done it again – we have beaten all previous activity records, and in 2015, we have really made ​​it by a long way. Nordic resistance movement in Sweden has been a good bit more than twice as active as last year and even better spread !!!

As some battle reports contain more than one activity carried out and some major activities is released as long articles rather than fight reports, it means that the total number of activities performed during the last year is actually even higher. Of the 159 different municipalities we conducted activism we have been repeated several times in 61 of them.


The 20 most active municipalities in 2015 are:

1. Stockholm second Gothenburg third Amal 4th Värmdö 5th Borlänge6. Södertälje 7. Lulea 8. Ludvika 9. Emmaboda 10. Orebro 11.Hudiksvall 12. Umeå 13. Kristianstad 14. Healthy choices 15thVarberg 16. Uddevalla 17. Filipstad 18. Ostersund 19. Karlstad 20.Karlshamn

Again, it is therefore our peers in the first nest which upheld the banner at the very top and this year they have from just the municipality of Stockholm reported on nearly 250 different activities while including pinch a steady fourth place with Värmdö and a sixth place in Södertälje. Even Next 2 should certainly be noticed (although they have not been as diligent as Next 1) when Gothenburg takes home a handball in second place and Amal finds out that the country’s third most active municipality. Incredibly well done peers around the country!


With nearly 2,000 activities, it is an almost impossible task in previous years to rank the ten most memorable moments of the fight this year and I therefore feel compelled to sneak into several things in some of the investments, but this will in each case the list:

1. Change and Renewal
The news presented during the year has been sufficient size and numbers to take home the first place: Klas Lund handed over the baton after 18 years and I took over as leader of the organization. Radio North Front launched. North Front Forum was launched. Nests had their own local pages. Prisoners Aid was re-launched. Nordic Council was formed. A new member of the reform was pushed through.

2. The Parliamentary branch launched
At first signature collection done after much toil on the streets of the squarefrom our activists. Then registered our party’s name, under protest from people hostile forces. The parliamentary arm launched since officially with a niopunktsprogram. After the publication of the symbol, and finally:

3. Released in our party program
“Our path” is a writing important enough to get such a high position. Scripture represents not only the Nordic Resistance party manifestos but defines in a brief and concrete way what modern Scandinavian National Socialism are. “Our path” defines what the Resistance’s goal is both visionary political realities. If you have not yet read the scripture is it to read here in PDF format, or order here if you want it in printed form.

each wave analysis

Among the hundreds of activities, there are quite a few that stand out. Three of them really were memorable during the year are: Fanuppsättningen of a crane at Hammarbyslussen filmed by quadrocopter, when it took multiculturalism to the upper class in Saltsjöbaden and the year in my opinion the nicest banner on the worker’s May Day 1.

Click to enlarge.

5. Municipal Legislators
Pär Öberg has truly consolidated its municipal mandate in Ludvika during the year. He made ​​people traitors to put the coffee in the throat during the first council meeting when he went up into the pulpit, and has since submittedseveral motions during the year. We were even able in 2015 to advertise the Par Sjögren elected as deputies in Borlänge municipality, and even he has been through this compensation mandate given to participate on some council meetings during the year.

6. Refugees Note Welcome
Over 30 different activities in one weekend from three different countries with the same theme, sufficient to make it on this list, but the high-profile public activities in Lund and Helsingborg accounted really icing on the cake.

7. Internal activities
during 2015 were organized in addition to scores of lectures, social activities, trainings, farmer’s day and nästesdagar also the organization’s activist days on two occasions and additionally organized this year’s Nordic Days. The latestactivist days of December were as many participants the most successful ever.

8. Public activities
have during the year performed well over 100 public activities. Some of the extraordinary success, in addition to the previously mentioned under the Refugees Note Welcome campaign has been the squares meeting in Ludvikawhen both Pär Öberg and Per Sjögren made ​​a speech to hundreds of locals, that in Karlstad while a kulturmarxistisk festival was organized and the attention government leaflets dividends in Ornskoldsvik , Jönköping,Gothenburg, Varberg, Stockholm or the day before New Year when it held activity in four different towns in Skåne.

9. honoring of the “Holocaust” memorial
A pan-campaign was held to honor the day in which the Resistance novelbarrier tape for the first time shown to the public. In fifteen different cities was detained several instances of spreading lies about the Holocaust.


10. Huge media
attention, any publicity is good publicity, but the Nordic Council of Resistance in 2015 attracted attention as never before of people hostile media is a good proof of our success. During the year there have been hundreds of articles about the organization. The worst blow below the belt was then Expressen hung out some of our women activists, but memorable are also the article on which the leaders of the Swedish “Nazi Gang” were hung out and the huge estate that has been around to a couple of the Resistance leadership moved to Sunnansjö.


The new year has already started, and here I am with my thoughts again. To be honest, how the heck do we manage to top the 2015? To succeed with it and advance our positions further, we also need your help. Join the fight and assistance to, the Nordic resistance movement are not here to stagnate but to win!




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