Battleground Dover: massive brawls between White patriots & anti-white cuckolds leave dozens injured

Approximately 150 hardcore, street fighting nationalists went to Dover yesterday to protest against immigration & were met by an unknown number of antifa. Antifa tried, and failed, to block the march. In the massive street fight that followed, many were injured, but the antifa got the worst of it. As a matter of fact, I could only find a few nationalists who were injured, and they kept on fighting anyway.

Both sides of protesters came armed, with many even pulling the cobble stones and bricks from the streets to hurl at their opponents as police failed to control the two groups.

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Sometime before 13:00 my coach full of S.E.A. (South East Alliance) rolled up into an already booming far-right gathering. I had barely arrived before the first clashes happened, a group of us had managed to break past the initial police lines and charge towards antifa.

There were constant clashes from then on until about 3ish by which time they had been completely driven off, many of them being hospitalised. Some were trying to pelt us from the safety of a hilltop but the antifa threat had been essentially nullified and from this point on we just keep pushing through the police and marching towards the port, completely unopposed. A coach from Goldsmiths University was also smashed to pieces by the Chelsea Headhunters. It was Glorious.

We listened to a couple of speeches before we found out that a few counter-protesters were holed up in a cafe in the centre. A huge column of fash waltzed on down the street, the unprepared police were completely powerless to stop us until we were right next to the antifa.

For the next half hour, the antifa were kettled in the very centre of town by the police and could only try to throw bricks and stuff at us while we kept finding ways to get around the police. Eventually, they built up too much of a barrier between themselves and the reds and the day was officially 100% won.

All that needs to be said is that Dover was ours the reds tried and failed to stop us. Even when they had the high ground, police with their dogs down guarding them blocking any way up, whilst the reds pelted us with whatever they could find, they still couldn’t put a dent in us.

Here are some shots of antifa in all their glory:

From our side:

A girl from South East Alliance holds a placard accusing left-wing activists of not taking in refugees from war-torn regions 


Well done to all who attended! There were members of the North West Infidels, National Front, Scottish Defense League, South East Alliance, National Action, Misanthropic Division, British Movement, National Revival of Poland (NOP), Right Wing Resistance, and Pie & Mash Squad all in attendance. You are true heroes, & a credit to our race.

More info here:



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