Britain First march in Dewsbury

Approximately 120 members & supporters of Britain First held a demonstration in Dewsbury on Jan. 30th against Islam & mass immigration. The nationalist group was separated from anti-whites who had come to protest at the group’s presence.

Britain First says that they campaign against “the scourge of hate preachers, extremism, terrorism, halal slaughter, FGM, child brides, radicalisation, ‘Trojan Horse’ infiltration of our schools, grooming gangs, and Sharia courts”.

“In recent months, our group has grown enormously, with membership swelling by the thousands. We now have Britain First brigades across the country and it’s common knowledge our social media reach is bigger than any other political party.

“People can expect a large amount of action for 2016, it’s going to be our year. We have so much planned and there are now so many people in our group at an activist level. Our country and Europe is heading for a civil war. Our leaders have sold us out and the way to save us is to head for the streets.”

The opposition was mainly made up of overweight kebabs & feminists. The contrast can be seen below.



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