Romanian Farmers Hailed As Heroes For Defeating Plans To Build Migrant Centre In Town

The inhabitants of a small Transylvanian town in Romania were outraged when they discovered a plan to house migrants in their community and quickly formed a resistance. They are now being hailed as heroes in their country.

A peasants’ revolt broke out in 5,000-population Ardud, in Satu Mare County, against the national government and the European Union after locals discovered a Church project to house the elderly was actually a secret migrant center. The deception only came to light when the organisation running the camp started interviewing locals for jobs, and applicants were explicitly told they would be caring for migrants, reports Romanian national television news channel B1.

The project was part financed by the European Union, reports news site Expunere, and was organised through the interior ministry with the assistance of a French Christian fraternity who were to implement it on the ground. Now the plan has been shelved because locals organised quickly and promised the government “violence” if they didn’t reconsider.

One of the ringleaders of the revolt, which saw hundreds of local residents descend upon the town hall to petition a representative of the national government is 28 year old “hero” Ionut Sabau, a forrester and farmer born and raised in the town. He told press he would resist the plans fiercely because he had lived for a year in Paris, France, in a “predominantly Muslim neighbourhood”, and had seen the trouble migrants would bring with them.


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