Thousands protest islam & immigration as PEGIDA goes worldwide


Shermon Burgess, the so called Great Aussie Patriot, leads the demonstrators from the Hyatt Hotel to Parliament where they were met by a small counter protestGermany, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Finland, Estonia, France, Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, The United Kingdom.

Brave men & women came out by the hundreds, and thousands, in all of the above countries to protest islam & mass immigration. Germany & the Czech Republic had the largest turnout; numbers were in the high thousands.

But new ground was broken as well, and new allies made, as the first large scale genuine nationalist activity in Ireland was seen in years. A prominent comrade was arrested in Calais, France; former French Foreign Legion General Christian Piquemal.

French Army Corps General Christian Piquemal gestures as he addresses supporters of the PEGIDA movement in Calais, northern France


As usual, the police & antifa tried to stop us. They tried to ban the march in France. They failed. Their claim to victory is that two of our men were injured in Ireland. For those that fell, tens of thousands have taken up their banners! Former foes have cast differences aside to heed the call of our common race. Our time is now, and this is only the beginning!

PEGIDA is an acronym given to the group which stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident

Thousands of people gathered in front of Prague Castle, in the Czech capital, for a demonstration called 'Together against islamisation' organized by Czech right-wing populist party Usvit (Dawn - National Coalition)

Protesters light flares, hold up Poland scarves and banners and shout slogans during an anti-immigrant rally in front of the Royal Castle

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