French militia men launch raids on Calais invader camp

“ARMED militia are launching nightly raids on migrants in the Calais Jungle camp as fears deepen that the refugee crisis is fueling an anti-Muslim movement across Europe.

The attackers, sometimes masked and armed with clubs, brass knuckles, pepper spray and knives, target migrants during the night, according to accounts from refugees and charity groups.

Migrants claim they have been the targets of escalating raids by organised gangs – sometimes dressed in uniforms – in the past few weeks.

The charity leader said her organisation had “50 witness accounts of violence” committed by “police and citizens in militia groups”.

Ms Humbersot added: “We are talking about injuries that are life-threatening. Not just bruises but also stabbing, strangling and beating with metal sticks.

Raymond Blet, a volunteer at Appel Calais, revealed: “There was an intent to kill in certain cases”.


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