England:Plans for refugee housing cancelled in Kearsley; EDL holds protest against forced Islamic education in Stanley

‘Intimidation’ fuelled by anonymous letters scuppers plan to house asylum seeker family in Kearsley

“A PLAN to move a family of asylum seekers into a vacant Kearsley property has been scrapped after “as a result of intimidation” in the nearby community.

Hundreds of people packed into Trinity Church in Farnworth for a fiery Kearsley Area Forum meeting on Wednesday.The issue of what the property at 526 Manchester Road would be used for dominated the agenda. Many had turned up after receiving an anonymous letter which urged them to fight the plans. The letter claimed the plans could affect the security of families in the area.”


Parents and EDL campaigners held a protest outside a primary school. Protest was in response to a lesson on Islam by a worker  from the “Islamic Diversity Center” in Newcastle

“Parents and far-right campaigners have protested outside a primary school over a lesson on Islam.

The protest was held just weeks after staff at East Stanley Primary School in Stanley, County Durham, called the police when a group of Muslim men were spotted praying in a nearby car park.

It is understood the incident was in response to a lesson on Islam which included a talk by a visitor from the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle.

The protest took place at lunchtime yesterday and involved  parents and far-right campaigners.”

Parents and far-right campaigners have protested outside a primary school over a lesson on Islam

One flag held by the protesters had the words North East EDL Angels on the front while another protester had Activist Against Child Groomers on the back of their hoodie. Many others wore masks, pictured

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3442693/Far-right-protest-lesson-Islam-school-parents-called-police-spotting-group-Muslims-praying-nearby-car-park.html#ixzz40FgImFWJ



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