Torchlight Ceremony

Forza Nuova Sicily honors the victims of communist genocide in Yugoslavia (sinkholes)

Il Nazionalista

February 13th, torchlight procession for the martyrs of sinkholes: “La Patria on the political agenda for the future”

Forzanoviste delegations from all over Sicily have created a successful and heartfelt commemoration in honor of Communist hatred of the martyrs and victims of the exodus which forced 350,000 Italians of Istria, Venezia Giulia and Dalmatia from their homeland.

A large wreath to open the procession, torches, Tricolori lowered in mourning, a silent march until the arrival at the war memorial for the homeland, where he lays the laurel to honor their ultimate sacrifice with the rite of the “present.”

And the theme of the Fatherland was the concluding intervention center entrusted to the national Deputy Secretary of Forza Nuova, Joseph Provencal: “it’s a central theme today, almost political agenda for the future  – this is the reason why we relegate the hidden city squares, why this day of remembrance, even institutionalized…

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