National Action Report, February 2016

Reprinted in full from

when saxon met slav


New Mural in London

In conjunction with our preparation for a year of heightened activity we are bringing you this report on recent developments and activities across the country.

Upcoming Demonstration Manchester 27th [VERY IMPORTANT]


After having shoahed Liverpool and Newcastle, our next port of call is to provide support at [accent]Demonstration for British White country! :DDD[/accent] Spearheaded by the NWI (North West Infidels) and Polish groups and is to take place in Manchester a Town that has thus far avoided our wrath.

In a show of defiance against red terror we will be participating in our first pre-advertised march since the White Man March in Liverpool. There will be so many of us that it will almost certainly go unopposed, especially after the communist tragedy in Dover, they would be advised to keep well away.

If you wish to join the NA bloc at the NWI demo war black be alert contact your local NA branch which can be found in the regions page to obtain the RV – this time we go in together, no individuals waltzing into Piccadilly station to be mobbed, you will be abandoned.

Hilariously the advertisement for the counter demonstration features images of 'Mold attacker' Zack Davies with the NA flag behind him and Auschwitz concentration camp.



Stickering and Hiking have become a weekly activity in our Scotland region, and this February activists climbed the summit of a mountain at Glen Affric. Scotland has also seen a large influx of new supporters doubling in size what was already one of our strongest regions. Warmest NA welcome to all of you.

North East


We have a very special report from the North East. Our incendiary “Refugees Not Welcome!” demonstration in Newcastle provoked such outrage that local antifascists were determined tohold a counter demonstration an entire month after the event. This reaction in itself is entirely unprecedented and shows the impact of even a small demonstration with a carefully crafted message. However when the 20th came and the local scum sought to march, they found that National Socialist activists (including members of NA) had taken over their rally point! We will provide a report shortly of this successful counter-demo of a counter-demo.

North West


The Northwest have continued to hold weekly hiking events, and will be providing the bulk of the support for the upcoming Manchester demonstration.

South West


Having established the new region National Action recently held a Leafleting session in Bath town centre with 8 supporters. There was a good response from the public and attendees were given training on how to stop members of the public and engage them in conversation. Details of the full report are on the SWNA blog.


NA Interviews
In conjunction with our resurgence and recruitment drive NA has recently given interviews to various outlets.

Benjamin Raymond was interviewed on Counter Currents by Greg Johnson.
Audio [part 1] [part 2]
Text [part 1] [part 2]

Alex Davies has appeared on Radio Aryan the Daily Stormer Podcast, and Fash Britannia on the TheRightStuff Radio.

DDoS attack


The National Action Website suffered a cyber attack from legit anonymoose hacktivists who realised that you can spam data oaxckets to a site’s server and close it temporarily. Having been down a few days the website has been restored with good protection – many highly skilled individuals came forward to offer help and we will continue working to make the site completely watertight from any exploits. It is honestly just as well this happened now – practically anyone can do this with basic programs, and many of our enemies were probably waiting for an opportune moment to deal this blow.

In any case fatwas have been issued against this group of ‘so called’ muslims who hijack religion for their sick moderate agenda and took offence to our cultural appropriation. Our response was the standard one “death to apostates and enemies of the one true faith, may the cleansing fires of merciful Allah tear their flesh from their bones!”

The University of Nottingham provides Safe Spaces for Nazis

In a most interesting development the Students Union at the University of Nottingham have voted against a proposed ban against National Action, this legislation was raised following activism from our students on the campus. This motion was primarily struck down over concerns regarding the extent to which this legislation would be implemented and comes in the same month when Germaine Greer, Peter Tatchell, and Nick Lowles (lifelong feminist, lifelong LGBT activist, and lifelong ‘anti-racist’ campaigners respectively) have all been effectively ‘No Platformed’ by higher education institutions because of how insane tumblr communism has taken over the left wing. The backlash has been visible and we can expect that to increase, and when that happens we will find ourselves for the first time with rights if we can properly take advantage of the resultant chaos.

In this instance we have been specifically excempt, and so this will entitle us to invites from students to engage with the youth and to apply for recognition on campus where our activists operate.


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