Helena, Montana: residents stage 100 strong protest against muslim invaders


“A movement to block the potential resettlement of Syrian refugees in the state of Montana took to the steps of the Capitol for a rally on Monday. It was the second high-profile event to voice such opposition within a week.

“It’s not just for me Syrians. It’s any Muslim refugees that are coming over,” said one protester.

The event was branded the American Security Rally of Montana. A similar gathering was held in Missoula at the beginning of February under the same banner. An unaffiliated event was also held last week in Hamilton. There, the Ravalli County Commission presented a letter addressed to elected officials stating refugees were not welcome in the county.

The 100 strong anti-invader protest was counter protested by a pathetic 12 people.

Rachel Caroll Rivas, of the anti-white agitation group Montana Human Rights Network, says events like those at the capitol are worrisome but expected.

“These aren’t necessarily new folks that are out saying these things that are pretty hateful about refugees and Muslim people. These are folks that we are really familiar with. They’ve been activists on anti-gay issues, a variety of anti-choice issues, opposing immigration issues for over a decade in Montana.”




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