Forza Nuova keeps Italians safe

Jesi – Last night a group of militants of Forza Nuova had decided to make a “walk of security” in Portavalle neighborhoods, Station, and St. Joseph, “three quarters of the city. This move was made due to the theft and crime that has been raging the city. “

Leaflets were left in mailboxes of residents, explaining the reasons, the terms, and purpose that characterized the initiative. 

“It’s been here the men of Forza Nuova – reads the text of the leaflet – have embarked on a series of safety walks through the streets of the neighborhood, watching the streets from the constant thefts and crimes that increase more and more as time goes on our territory. Jesi citizens no longer accept this situation of total insecurity, which forces people and families to barricade themselves in the evening: for a lively and safe city. “

The Forza Nuova militants want to specify that “we are not talking about patrols, but simple walks that we hope will be a watchful eye and a deterrent against crime.”

Safety walks


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