The battle of Liverpool

Liverpool city center erupted into violence today as the North West Infidels, National Action, Polish hooligans (not NOP), South East Alliance & Pie & Mash Squad clashed with anti-white protesters outside St. George’s Hall.

Although police tried to keep the two groups apart, the patriots were heavily outnumbered and on at least two occasions a number of them broke through the police cordon and fought with anti-fascists.

A number of smoke bombs were hurled by the Polish, leading to loud bangs resounding around St George’s plateau.

Missiles – including bottles and cobblestones – were also thrown at the nationalist group, who threw them back into the crowd.

It led to a number of anti white protesters being struck by objects as they flew through the air, including a police officer who suffered concussion.

A source within the NWI says four enemy combatants were sent to the hospital. There was one injury, a minor stab wound, suffered by the nationalist side.

Finally, after a tense stand-off lasting nearly three hours, police managed to escort the far-right group back in the direction of Lime Street station. Nearby streets were cordoned off by riot vans and police with riot shields to separate the patriot group from anti-white protesters.


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