Greece: hundreds turn out for Golden Dawn meeting as citizens burn invader base to the ground

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KERKYRA: Great Turnout by Hundreds of Nationalists – Photos – Video


A great turnout of hundreds of Kerkyra* Nationalists for the press conference and book presentation by comrade Ilias Kasidiaris in the center of Kerkyra.

Also greeting the crowd were MPs Aivatidis and Gregos, and MEP Epitideios, Synadinos, and Fountoulis.


Just a few meters away from where the event was held there was a peculiar Para-State troupe of anarchists and Lafazanis supporters.  Despite the Police State the Nationalists of Kerkyra filled the event hall early, which proved to be too small to accommodate all the friends of the Movement.

The rise of the Popular Association throughout the country is rapid and every day new comrades thicken the ranks of Golden Dawn.

Below is a statement from the spokesperson of Golden Dawn on illegal immigration:

“The country is under occupation by the illegal immigrants, we Greeks are becoming a minority in our country and the only force which resists and insists on closed borders and the deportation of the illegal aliens is the Popular Association – Golden Dawn.”

More Photos:





*Kerkyra- Also known as Corfu


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