The Alliance for Peace & Freedom holds multiple rallies in solidarity with the NPD

As the anti-white regime of Merkel tries to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) the pan-european Alliance for Peace & Freedom (of which the NPD is a member) held demonstrations in multiple countries in a show of solidarity.

The first one to take place was a small demonstration outside the German embassy in Madrid, held by Democracia National, a nationalist political party from Spain.

Probably the best attended of the demonstrations, British nationalists from various groups gathered at the German embassy in Central London to unite in their condemnation of the totalitarianism of the ‘ex’-Communist Angela Merkel and her dictatorial effort to outlaw opposition to her migration-destruction of Germany.


Next was a demonstration in Prague, Czech Republic, held by the DSSS.


Perhaps best of all, there was a demonstration in Brussels itself, right outside the EU parliament building. This was held by the movement NATION, and included both Flemish & Walloon attendants.


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