New Icelandic nationalist party launched : Icelandic National Front

A new far-right political party is in the making, called the Icelandic National Front (Íslenska þjóðfylkingin). The Right-Green Movement (Hægri grænir), founded in 2010, has decided to join the new party, Vísir reports. In last parliamentary elections the Right Green Movement received 1.7 percent of the vote, but unfortunately no representation in parliament.

The Icelandic National Front distributed its platform to media yesterday. The party would like to reexamine Iceland’s membership in the European Economic Area and cancel our participation in the Schengen Agreement. The party rejects any ideas about multiculturalism in the country and vows to fight against the construction of a mosque. Furthermore, it demands a ban against burkas and Islamic schools in Iceland.

The party wants to protect the sovereignty and independence of Iceland, Icelandic culture, language, & customs. Its main goal is individual liberty, limited state intervention and transparent and sustainable public management.

Finally, the party supports the adoption of a new currency.

Although it appears to be an anti-islam civic nationalist party at this point, it is the first nationalist activity out of Iceland I have heard about in years, and it should be infiltrated by genuine racial nationalists as soon as possible.

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