Azov Update: marches held in Poltava & Kiev

2nd March in Poltava a “unity march” was held with the participation of fans of FC “Vorskla” FC “Shakhtar” and civil corps (civilian division) “Azov”.

The march was to pay tribute to fallen soldiers of the war in the east.
Civil Corps AZOV organized a rally in support of persecuted nationalists, at first paying a visit to the pretrial detention center of Ukrainian Security Service, then to the respective regional trial court.

Symbolically, the meeting of over 200 activists and other concerned citizens was appointed at the Dynamo stadium named after Valery Lobanovsky, which is situated on the legendary Hrushevsky Street where took place the most ferocious battles with the subsequently disbanded riot police “Berkut” during the Maidan revolution. The participants of march lit the flares in front of the denetion center and accompanied all their route with shouts “Krasnov, we are with you!”, “One for all and all for one!”, “Together till the end!”. Their encouraging chants were heard even on the highest floors of the court building.

For a full story on the arrests & trial, visit


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