Soldiers of Odin open chapters in Sweden

Soldiers of Odin emerge in Sweden - and several other countries

On Saturday night, members belonging to the international network “Soldiers of Odin” began guarding the streets of Swedish cities. In Stockholm, Trelleborg and Jönköping, the streets were patrolled in order to increase the security of citizens, according to the group.

Spokesperson Mikael Johansson was pleased with the evening and told that Soliders of Odin will continue to patrol in the city center at weekends. “We are a growing, necessary movement,” he told Avpixlat. “We are a reaction to dissatisfaction. Take care of the problems, not us,” was his call to the police and other representatives of society.

In several other  countries, the vigilante group has  established street patrols. This applies to Estonia, Denmark, Norway and Britain, according to Kilpeläinen.

And now also Sweden.


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