Ukrainian neo-Nazi mob raids LGBT event in Lvov, scares off riot police

Ukrainian riot police proved to be somewhat useless against a crowd of ultra-nationalists in the city of Lvov, as they failed to protect an LGBT gathering from harassment and did not arrest a single suspect after retreating from the confrontation with attackers.


The organizers placed private security at the entrance to the conference hall where the festival, which close to 200 people registered to attend, was about to begin. In addition local police units reinforced the security for the closed door festival, the highlight of which was a poster exhibition dedicated to women and minority rights.

But the event never took place, as a crowd of ultra nationalist youth, few covering their faces with balaclavas, slowly but surely surrounded the Dnestr hotel demanding that authorities stop the event.

“We are blocked at the hotel,” organizer Olena Shevchenko said on Facebook from the hotel. “Police don’t want to react, they are saying all those people in masks just meet their friends here.”

More police reinforcements were deployed at the hotel with authorities having forcefully canceled the event. Police later explained that they had received an anonymous bomb threat. Bomb squad units were sent to the hotel to search for the hoax explosives, while the attendees were escorted out.

As the participants of the event were being boarded into buses by the officers, the ultra-nationalist group started throwing stones and firecrackers at the attendees and attempted to break through the police lines and shouting “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Police tried to quell the mob and even chased them into a nearby park, where the attackers regrouped and began pelting stones at the police while shouting SS slogans, repeating “SS” and “Hitler Youth.”

A video of the incident posted online shows professional riot police retreating from potential clashes with several dozen of angry Ukrainian youth.

 © //Accidents news
Thanks to DerWeisse Wolf for sending the article.

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