Poland axes agreement to take in 7,000 Muslim migrants

Poland today abandoned its promise to the EU to take in 7,000 migrants because of the jihadist attacks in Brussels that killed 34 people.

The country’s previous government had agreed to take the migrants in, but today Prime Minister Beata Szydlo declared she would not be honoring the agreement.

Speaking at the Belgian Embassy in Warsaw where she laid flowers to honor the victims, she appealed for urgent talks to allow Europe to counter the ‘plague’ of radicalization.

She said: ‘We must put an end to terrorism in Europe. We must not be afraid.

‘After what happened in Brussels yesterday, it’s not possible right now to say that we’re OK with accepting any number of migrants at all,’ she told local broadcaster Superstacja. ‘I will be very clear: at the moment, I don’t see a possibility for migrants to come to Poland.’

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo (pictured) today said she was 'not OK' with allowing migrants to settle in her country following the attacks in Brussels

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