Forza Nuova holds rally in Romano, Lombardy

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On March 24th Forza Nuova organized a grand event in the city center of Romano, state of Lombardy. The main purpose of this event was to attract residents of the town and spread our nationalist message throughout the town.

Oscar Rizzini, the provincial secretary, Salvatore Ferrara, responsible for Lombardy, and Luca Castellini, in charge of all of Northern Italy, all spoke to the crowds of people. The flags of FN waved against the statue of the lion of San Marco, which overlooks the main square, and served as a representation of the Italian State and its people. The nationalists of Italy fight only for the Italian people and will never accept our racial replacement with third world invaders.

Since the end of WW2, our country has been sold out to foreign interests. Today the invasion is being carried out differently, under the auspices of “humanitarianism” for refugees, aka rapefugees. The goal of the invaders in 1943 is the same goal as those in Brussels and Washington today: to turn Italian society into a gigantic melting pot of brown, rootless consumers. The fake democracy that has engulfed the West is one that defies all people and all nature! Forza Nuova stands as tall as the lion of San Marcos, and will fight to the death for all Italians.



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