Nordic Resistance Finland: Week of Action

In Finland, the Nordic Council of Resistance  last week conducted an intensive campaign in response to the government declared “anti-racist” week.

Last week was the annual week against racism in Finland. Nordic Council of Resistance responded, through intensive propaganda work that began on Saturday, March 19 with a large public newspaper distribution in central Helsinki. In addition to handing out several free newspapers and talking to passers-by, the activists had with them information boards that presented information about the genocide of the white minority in South Africa.


After newspaper delivery, a demonstration was held in which activists with banners marched to a park where Janne Moilanen made ​​a speech that revolved around mass immigration to Finland and ended with the Finnish Minister of the Interior Petteri Orpo pointed out as a traitor by the audience.


The day then continued with the Resistance activists in a demonstration demanding that Finland’s borders to be closed which was organized by ” Rajat kiinni ” ( “Close the border” in Swedish), a network that can be likened to the Swedish “People’s demonstration” but without Zionist ideology. Then the day ended with food and theoretical studies in self-defense in “Koti”, Nordic resistance’s club in Helsinki.


Also on Monday, activists distributed the nationalist magazine Vastamedia to households in Lahti. Later in the day, the activists also joined a “Close the border” protest in Lahti.


On Tuesday  the newspapers were handed out in public again in Helsinki. That evening, there was a night patrol.


In Helsinki the activism continued with a banner campaign on Wednesday and activists rallied in a short notice to the “Close the border” protest. The rally was announced after the terrorist attack in Brussels that occurred the previous day. Around Finland the party was handed out in several locations.


Finnish aid , a project run by the Nordic Council of Resistance in Finland, conducted on Thursday food collections for needy Finns in three different locations.


There were also many smaller actions taken all across Finland where banners, posters and stickers were put up, newspapers were handed out and refugee centers were protested.



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