Swedish pirates hunting invaders in the North Sea

Patrol: Far right group Nationell Framtid voluntarily monitors the strait of Öresund, a 5km stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden for illegal migrants ¿ who they say are entering Sweden with the help of organised criminal gangs and left wing Danish ¿do-gooders'


  • Far right nationalist vigilantes Nationell Framtid (National Future) patrol Öresund strait between Denmark and Sweden in a speedboat
  • The self-proclaimed pirates hunt down ‘suspicious boats’ hiding migrants being smuggled into Sweden illegally 
  • Dennis Ljung, 31, leads the Nationell Framtid or ‘National Future’ group set up in amid the April 2015 migrant crisis
  • Border checks were tightened in December to stop illegal crossings to Sweden, but the pirates say they are lazy
  • The vigilantes say illegals enter Sweden helped by organised gangs and ‘do-gooders who think they are helping’


A far right group of vigilante pirate migrant hunters are patrolling Sweden’s southern coast by speedboat in a bid to tackle illegal immigration. 

Nationell Framtid’s boats monitor the strait of Öresund, a 5km stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden for illegal migrants – who they say are entering Sweden with the help of organised criminal gangs and left wing Danish ‘do-gooders who think they are helping’.

Their paramilitary get up – all in black punctuated with a bright red tie and insignia badge on their chest paired with black balaclavas and doc martins – are a welcome sight on the misty water.

Patrol: Dennis Ljung, 31 (centre) and his colleagues voluntarily patrol  the strait of Öresund for illegal migrants in a speedboat

The group says they ‘need their country back’. Their aim is to ‘cleanse’ Sweden of all immigrants and say their patrol is a ‘small step to prevent the mass immigration we have faced for decades’.

Dennis Ljung, 31, leads the patrol – his far right group the Nationell Framtid – translated as National Future – emerged in April last year during the migrant crisis.

Members of Nationell Framtid have been drawn to the group for different reasons, but one thing is clear – they feel the government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration to Sweden.

Their modus operandi on the water is simple.

Two small speedboats patrol the strait, three men per boat who work 5 or 6 days each week.

To help them track down their target ‘suspicious boats’, they’re armed with radar, radios, binoculars and ‘intel’ from supporters in Denmark who tip them off to when are where smugglers cross.

Once their target is acquired, the team spring into action.

Charging through the waters at full speed, shouting warnings through a megaphone the men tell the captain to stop and that they have called the police then shadow them until they leave the Swedish coastline and return to Denmark.

If they refuse, the men manoeuvre their small speedboat in front of the boat to stop them from progressing and scream: ‘We won’t leave until you turn around’.

‘All boats that we challenge have turned around and gone back to Denmark‘

According to Dennis, the team stop an average of four boats daily, but some days – when it’s very cold outside – a shift goes by without stopping a single vessel.

He keeps the numbers of migrants they have stopped close to his chest but claims they have caught ‘loads of boats and ships containing illegal immigrants’.

Members also carry out military-style foot patrols to keep the streets of coastal town Helsingborg ‘safe from criminal scum’

They have also organised a soup kitchen for homeless Swedes, claiming that they are a non-profit organisation for Swedes who want to ‘keep our nation safe and Swedish’.

Uniform: The men are armed with radars and binoculars to track boats they believe are smuggling migrants Swedish Coastguard patrol the strait by sea and air 24 hours a day and say they are yet to encounter the vigilantes





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