Brussels protests banned, 400 nationalists march in defiance

Belgian police made a series of arrests of right-wing and antifa protesters in Brussels on Saturday, and riot squads engaged in a tense confrontation with local youths in the district of Molenbeek.

The standoff grew out of plans by a far-right group to hold a demonstration in Molenbeek, a largely Muslim neighborhood where a number of the militants who staged attacks in Paris had been based. An antifa group had called for a counter-demonstration.

Both were banned by local authorities.

But up to 400 right-wing activists, many of them members of football fan groups, gathered in a Brussels suburb before marching towards Molenbeek, where about 40 percent of the population are Muslim.

As the group, under a banner proclaiming “This is our country!” arrived, they began shouting anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant slogans, as shopkeepers began to shutter their stores.

Two far-right protesters were arrested in a car containing “prohibited weapons” and Molotov cocktails, according to RBTF television.

The protest is thought to have been organized by Generation Identity, who promoted it on their facebook.



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