Germans & Italians unite in Bolzano, Italy to protest mass immigration


Several hundred nationalists from Forza Nuova, along with German comrades of the NPD, staged a protest in Bolzano, Italy against mass immigration & the building of a “tent city” to house refugees.

“We simply cannot allow Italy to become a mongrelized- Islamic nation.” Michelle Olivotto, the coordinator of Forza Nuova in Trentino, points out that the leftists demand we be replaced by all the brown races of the world, yet they give no concrete solutions to the Middle East’s and Africa’s problems.

He continues “The tragedy in Brussels, to which only the young Belgian nationalists have shown their ability to respond to the streets, it is the logical consequence of the attitude supine dream of integration of the European Left and liberal parties: no solution to the problems of Africa or the East and the import of these problems at home. Against this perspective nightmare we are fighting for the future of our children and the peoples of Europe “.




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