Italian Justice: African invader robs child, gets severely beaten


NOCERA INFERIORE – The court of Salerno Review did not spare Luigi Cuomo and Luigi Vicidomini, 33 and 30, arrested by police on March 15 for beating up an African, Cape Verde, guilty of attempting to steal the phone from the small son of one of the two. The judges have confirmed the penalty as under house arrest, believing the two subjects “dangerous” and therefore deserving of a restrictive measure.

Both were arrested for acts committed on 11 February, at Piazza Sant’Antonio with violence and assault on the African. The victim was beaten with a stick, before finding refuge inside his home. But the two young people – according to a record of the complaint filled by the police – forced the door of his house, going inside to continue what started a little earlier. The victim escaped by jumping from the first floor of the house bathroom, landing on a car and running away. He found refuge in an abandoned house, where he spent the night. The day after he called the police.

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