Groupe Union Défense vs antifa: Total Victory in Lyon


March 31st, Lyon, France. 200 antifa run riot through the streets, vandalizing businesses. They start heading in the direction of the University of Lyon. As they round the corner, they come face to face with the only thing stopping them so far: about one dozen members of the ultra-nationalist Groupe Union Défense, clad in motorcycle helmets & wielding fighting sticks.

In the ensuing chaos, makeshift projectiles were thrown by both sides in an attempt to gain advantage over the other. Thanks to the superior arms, armor, & discipline of the G.U.D.  they were able to prevent a much larger force of antifa from advancing further, & chased them from the university grounds.

There are reports of multiple injuries from the “students” of the rioting antifa. Without a doubt, the GUD carried the day in the streets of Lyon, even collecting an enemy flag as a trophy (pictured top). Hail to the heroes!



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