Blood, Honour, Golden Dawn: From Piraeus to New York City

On friday, April 8th, over one thousand members & supporters of Golden Dawn gathered to protest against Islam in Korais Square in the city of Piraeus.

Party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos attended the rally & delivered a fiery speech.


A counter protest was held by local antifa, but it was poorly attended & posed no threat to the supporters of Golden Dawn.


Golden Dawn at the 2016 Greek Independence Day Parade, N.Y.C.

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Golden Dawn New York division members once again attended the 2016 Greek Independence Parade held today to commemorate the Heroes of 1821 right in the center of Manhattan on 5th Avenue!

The Greek-American community took every last one of our newspapers and embraced us, people from all walks of life.  Men, Women, Military Officers, young and old embraced us as the only true Hellenic Resistance to the traitorous vermin of SYRIZA-ANEL! THE GREEKS OF AMERICA HAVE AWAKENED! POPULAR NATIONALISM IS THE FUTURE OF GREECE!








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