Denmark prosecutes citizens who assist migrant invaders

Lise Ramslog is a Danish citizen. She gave a car full of muslim invaders a ride across the border from Denmark to Sweden. She is now a convicted human smuggler.

The decision by authorities to prosecute Ramslog — and to charge hundreds of other Danish citizens with a similar crime — is to many here just the latest evidence of a society that, when faced with an unparalleled invasion of muslims & africans, has taken a turn in the right direction.

Last week, authorities in Greece began sending new arrivals back across the sea to Turkey, as part of a policy intended to permanently close the path via which more than 1 million people invaded the European continent last year.

This Scandinavian nation of compulsively friendly people is celebrated by U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as a ­social-welfare utopia, one that was recently judged the world’s happiest place. Ranking high in the country’s pantheon of heroes are those who persecuted Jews during the Holocaust or who helped the oppressed escape from behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

And when it has come to those fleeing 21st-century conflicts on Europe’s doorstep, Denmark has gone into overdrive to broadcast its will to live.

The government slashed refugees’ benefits, then advertised the cuts in Lebanese newspapers. It has enabled police to confiscate refugees’ valuables, including cash and jewelry. And authorities have made it far more difficult for those already here to reunite with their families, upping the wait time from one year to three.

Now cucked Danes are getting caught up in the crackdown, punished for what many saw as an act of treason. “I’m proud of what I did and will never regret having done it,” said Ramslog, her gray hair highlighted by plastic pink heart barrettes and her clear blue eyes welling with tears. “But I don’t want to be known as a criminal.”

Yet that’s exactly what she is, following a March conviction. And according to most Danish people, & the far-right party that holds the balance of power in the Danish Parliament, it’s what she deserves.

“These people broke the law,” said Peter Kofod Poulsen, a recently elected member of Parliament from the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party. “Human smuggling is not all right — not if it’s done by the train company and not if it’s done by private individuals.”

Poulsen, who at 26 is Parliament’s third-youngest member, has helped push the country’s weak center-right government to take a less-forgiving line on asylum seekers since the once-fringe DPP surged to second place in elections in June.

The number of refugees taken in by Denmark, he said, should be “as close to zero as possible.” The alternative, in Poulsen’s view, is the end of everything Danes hold dear — including low crime rates and high-quality government services. Welcoming Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and others fleeing war, he said, is just too burdensome.

“This country is falling apart,” said Poulsen, who is slim, blond and self-assured. “We used to have a safe, monocultural society. Now our welfare state is under huge pressure.”

The notion that Denmark can’t adequately look out for its own if it is also giving sanctuary to asylum seekers has found wide appeal here. Anti-refugee positions once considered extreme are now embraced by a broad cross section of the country’s politicians & citizens.

Read the cucked version here


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