Azov battalion opens civilian branch in Severodonetsk, holds 400 strong nationalist march

On April 9th, activists in the Severodonetsk Civil Corps Azov held a patriotic rally, dedicated to the events two years ago when communist Russian forces dispersed a rally in support of the unity of Ukraine.

The patriotic action was attended by about 400 people. In the beginning, the head of the Civil Corps Azov in Syevyerodonetsk addressed the audience at the city center.

“Exactly two years ago in this same place we held a Ukrainian rally. In 2014, we were defeated. All those present here, remember that day. Opponents of the Ukrainian national idea have suppressed us a number of times. Those were hard times, tests on the front lines. We rallied our forces and now can say with confidence that the time has come for positive change. Civil Corps Azov will defend the national idea & not repeat the mistakes of the past”

During the event, participants walked from the city center to Victory Square. During the walk, participants sang patriotic songs and chanted patriotic slogans.

On their arrival at the Victory Square, members of Azov read prayers for fallen Ukrainian nationalists, and at the end all the participants sang the anthem of Ukraine.

After the march concluded, there was an indoor political meeting held with local authorities, members of Azov & interested members of the public. Discussion was held about goals, organization, & future plans for Civil Corps Azov.



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