German National Socialists launch series of attacks, five arrested

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

MAINZ, Germany — Five alleged members of a far-right terror group behind a series of bombings were arrested in Germany early Tuesday.

Due to German privacy rules, they were identified only as 18-year-old Justin S., 39-year-old Rico K., 27-year-old Maria K., 25-year-old Sebastian W., and 26-year-old Mike S.

According to a statement released by prosecutors, at least three other men aged in their 20s belonged to the extremist group. They remained in investigative custody on Tuesday.

The so-called “Gruppe Freital” dates back to at least July, officials said. Freital is a town just outside Dresden, Germany.

Prosecutors said that the eight are suspected of forming the right-wing group to attack centers housing asylum-seekers as well as the dwellings of people with differing political views.

They allegedly obtained over 100 pyrotechnic charges from the Czech Republic.

The assaults included using fireworks to blow out the windows of the kitchen of a refugee shelter in Freital in September 2015.

A second attack the following month blamed on the group involved suspects hurling fireworks and stones at a building housing leftist activists. Unfortunately, no one was injured.

Prosecutors said that the cell also attacked another refugee shelter in Freital in November last year, where a resident suffered cuts to his face from flying glass.

They may also have been involved in attacks on asylum seekers’ accommodation in Freital and the Saxon capital using stones and fireworks.

Federal prosecutors said they are also accused of an attack on an office belonging to the Left Party and blowing up a party official’s car.

Sources told Spiegel Online that officers had found Eastern European fireworks during searches of the suspects’ homes – the same type that were being collected by a group named Old School Society last year for bomb-making in a plan to attack “asylum seekers and Salafists”.

Federal police in 2015 recorded more than 800 attacks on refugee shelters in Germany last year. Most of the attacks were concentrated in the former communist east of the country.

Hail Victory!



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