Nationalists march in Thuringia for Hitler’s birthday

A march had been called by Thügida, a Thuringian offshoot of Dresden-based anti-Islam movement Pegida, on Hitler’s 127th birthday.

Police reported that 15 officers were hurt while trying to calm the violence as around 3,000 counter-demonstrators sought to break through their lines to reach the roughly 200 nationalists. (Keep in mind these numbers come from mainstream German sources; take them with a grain of salt.)

Antifa counter protesters attempted  to hurl rocks & bottles at the nationalists, but only succeeded in hitting police & police vehicles. Both sides tried & failed to break police lines to get a chance to fight one another.

Several hundred officers used pepper spray to control the crowd and took down at least 35 crime reports related to demonstrators from both sides, with 25 reportedly being from the nationalists.

Marchers appear carrying torches and the black, white and red colours of the former German Empire, carrying banners that read “Freedom of expression begins where the political correctness ends” and “Freedom of expression instead of the muzzle.”

Video in link.


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