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Serbia goes to the polls

6,7 million Serbs go to the polls on Sunday, April 24.

“Far-right and pro-Russian parties will do well. All in all, the far-right could secure 10%, polls suggest.”


Nordic Resistance Sweden: May Day March in Borlänge

banner 1May-460

Collection The rally point will be at 12:00 am on Maserhallens Parking in Borlänge, the demonstration to depart no later than 13:00. The slogan of the demonstration is“Fight against high finance and traitors” . All kinsmen who sympathize with this message is welcome to participate, whether they are members of the Nordic Council of Resistance or not. For more information on the demonstration route, speakers and more will be posted on the North Front for the demonstration.

Our intention and hope is to conduct a dignified and disciplined demonstration.For this to be achieved, we ask all participants to follow the rules of the day.These rules will also be reviewed at the meeting place:

  • No own flags, banners and signs are allowed, but only that which will be in place by the Resistance is allowed.
  • Silence should prevail in points except at sanctioned slogans. There will be a responsible officer for the kind words, and these will be reviewed at the meeting place.
  • It is not allowed to break their place in the march except for officials and a shield. There must not be any “runs”.
  • Dress neat and without subcultural manifestations.
  • Masking is not permitted and is illegal.
  • Avoid unnecessarily provocative behavior towards police, demonstrators and others
  • No smoking or ingestion of any kind is prohibited during the demonstration time.
  • Respect Resistance officials and heed any directive.


Rock Stone Mountain: Neo-confederates & National Socialists to hold joint events in Rome, Georgia

080215 STONE MOUNTAIN: Travis Conklin, Barnesville, waves a flag from the top of his truck durig a pro-Confederate flag rally at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, August 1, 2015, in Stone Mountain. Curtis Compton / ccompton@ajc.com

“Rock Stone Mountain” is advertising the Southern, white heritage rally on Facebook and other social media outlets. The organizer out of Hapeville said they want to call attention to the “cultural Marxists” who are attempting to erase Confederate Heritage and the white race as a whole.


The National Socialist Movement will hold its annual National Meeting in Georgia this year, accompanied by a public rally to bring our message to the public.

“The time has come for White American’s to reclaim their destiny, bring back American jobs, and reclaim our Nation from the Zionist stranglehold it has fallen under,” states NSM leader Jeff Schoep.




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