War Declared in Sicily: Cosa Nostra vs migrant invaders

  • Sicilian mafia declared ‘war on migrants’ after immigration levels soared
  • Innocent man shot in the head during a street altercation in Palermo
  • Cosa Nostra are fighting African gangs for supremacy on Sicily  
  • Palermo mayor has described the Sicily’s capital as ‘no longer European’


Mafia bosses have ‘declared war’ against migrants on the holiday paradise of Sicily as one thousand new arrivals pour on to the island every day.

The feared Cosa Nostra are siding with patriotic Italians after African crime gangs arrived with the migrants – and they are engaged in a deadly turf war.

A Gambian invader  was shot through the head by an assassin in broad daylight sparking fears of a wider bloodbath.  (photos below)

Mayor Leoluca Orlando told MailOnline: ‘Palermo is no longer an Italian town. It is no longer European. You can walk in the city and feel like you’re in Istanbul or Beirut.’

Shocking footage: CCTV footage showed gang leader  Emanuele Rubino apparently retrieve a handgun (circled) before shooting Gambian Yusapha Susso

Fight: chased Susso into a sidestreet and shot him in the head. The bullet passed through his skull and out the other side, grazing the brain but not damaging it. Susso lay in a coma for four days and is now undergoing rehabilitation. Injuries: Eyewitnesses reported seeing Yusapha Susso sitting in the road clutching his head - they did not realise he had been shot in the head

Unfortunately, the African invader in question survived, but is badly injured. The Sicilian mobster/hero was later arrested & is facing ten years in prison.

Rubino faces between six and 10 years in prison

“This is their culture. It is the beginning of a war between the Mafia and the migrants. It is going to get worse. I am scared. There will be more migrants, more friction, more attacks. This was the first shooting, but it won’t be the last”, said one local.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3546081/Mafia-declares-WAR-migrants-Sicilian-gangster-shoots-innocent-Gambian-head-amid-soaring-levels-migration-Italy-mayor-saying-Sicily-s-capital-no-longer-European.html#ixzz46abtHTsK

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