New nationalist parties founded in Romania & Spain

Attending a summit of far-right politicians in Romania, the French National Front leader has praised the programme of a new anti-EU, nationalist party in the country.

While far-right parties have been gaining strength across the EU for years, Romania has for some years had no such equivalent in its mainstream politics.

That may change, however, as Romanian nationalists prepare to launch the “National Force”, a party that models itself on France’s far-right National Front.

“We support the idea of increased sovereignty for Romania as well as rethinking the basic principles of the European Union,” MEP Laurentiu Rebega stold a press conference in Sinaia in southern Romania on Saturday.

Rebega, the only Romanian member of extreme right “Europe of Nations and Freedom” group in the European Parliament, added that the new party will better promote Romania and ensure its citizens “benefit from the same treatment as other Europeans”.

The new party enjoys strong support from Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s powerful National Front, who came to Sinaia to join an international conference of right-wing politicians.

Other guests included Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff, Edouard Ferrand from France and Franz Obermayr from Austria.

New Spanish far-right party Respeto (Respect) will be established on the basis of local right-wing political forces Platform for Catalonia, España 2000 and Party for Freedom.

MADRID (Sputnik) — Spain’s Tarragona province in Catalonia will host on Saturday a presentation of a new far-right party Respeto standing for the strict anti-immigration policy and the return of internal borders within the European Union.

Respeto’s manifesto also includes advocating for Spain’s exit from NATO, the revision of the bloc’s structure and functions, as well as the country’s boosted centralization to avoid separatism.The Spanish party’s anti-migrant and eurosceptic sentiment mirrors the ideology of other far-right groups all over Europe, including France’ National Front and Germany’s Alternative for Germany parties, as the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe has led to the growing popularity of right-wing forces.



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