Sausage wielding neo nazis attack vegan cafe

**Edit** This story is a hoax. I’ve gotten word from multiple Georgian nationalists saying that this never happened, in fact there is video showing it was leftists getting aggressive with a guy on crutches. Oh well, at least yespasaran was used as a reference by Fox News & VICE.

Tbilisi, Georgia.

The vegan Kiwi Cafe was holding an English-language movie screening when a group of sausage wielding neo nazis came in and started committing random acts of meat based violence.

They pulled out grilled meat, sausages, & fish and started eating them and throwing them at customers before starting to smoke, which is forbidden at the cafe.

When the owners tried to get them to leave a fight started, and spilled out into the street.  The cafe owners say neighbors, who are not happy with a vegan establishment being located there, joined in the fight.

“I do not like that Kiwi place,” a small business owner on the same street as the cafe told me, although he said he knew nothing about the recent events. “They put things in their hair, their skin…”

The attackers left before police arrived although the cafe owners say some of their workers were brought to a police office for interrogation.

The owners of the cafe in the former Soviet republic say there has been another recent incident where the group had been asking questions about whether foreigners, gays or other members of the LGBT community had frequented the cafe.

The incident comes amid growing support for far-right nationalism in the country.  In April a group of masked youth took to the streets to protest immigration and Islamization.

Earlier this month, a massive anti-gay conference was hosted in Tbilisi, and during Independence Day celebrations last week, hundreds of ultra-nationalists marched through Tbilisi chanting “Georgia is for the Georgians!”




South East Alliance holds RAC concert, protest in Dover

About 30 members & supporters of the South East Alliance held a demonstration against immigration & the EU on May 28th, in the port town of Dover. Speeches were given and an EU flag was burnt. Unlike previous demonstrations, this was entirely peaceful as only three antifa bothered to show up.

The anti-white media is calling this a defeat for us, because of the low numbers; what they fail to realize is that this wasn’t a huge call out to all the organizations like the previous demos. This was just the crowd from a skinhead concert having a protest beforehand.

Furthermore, antifa mustered a grand total of two fat women & one old man. This, in a city where they bragged that they were going to “drive us into the sea”.

Dover is now liberated territory for nationalists. Now is the time to step up recruitment, to engage directly with the public in all possible forums & form our own Dover based nationalist organizations.




National Action demonstration in York against immigration


About 30 to 40 members of the National Socialist group National Action staged a protest against immigration in York, near the Minster and St Michael le Belfrey church at around 3pm Saturday.

Altercations soon broke out between demonstrators and counter protesting antifa. One person took to twitter to say their father had been knocked over by members of National Action. The traitorous police, being what they are, arrested four NA members and one anti-white protester (who they released without charge, of course).

The protest ended a little over an hour later without further incident.—police-called-to-far-right-demo-outside-the-minster/

Generation Identity rally sweeps Paris

Protesters from far-right movement Generation Identitaire take part in a demonstration against migrants on May 28, 2016 in Paris. © Matthieu Alexandre

A far-right rally has been held in Paris with hundreds of young people taking to the streets to join the demonstration organized by the French anti-immigration Generation Identitaire movement to protest against “islamization.”

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Paris waving French national flags and holding giant banners with“Generation Identitaire” and “Native Youth” written on them. They also sang the Marseillaise – the French national anthem.

Over 500 people joined the rally.

The protesters chanted anti-immigration and anti-islamization slogans such as “No to islamization,” “the French are angry”and “Here is our home!” They also burned flares and smoke bombs.

The demonstrators marched peacefully through the streets of the French capital, without any clashes with police reported. They eventually gathered at Place Monge not far from the Natural History Museum, were they staged a rally.

The rally, which took place under the slogan “We are home!” was organized by the French far-right youth movement Generation Identitaire formed in 2012 as the youth wing of the far-right Bloc Identitaire – a regionalist nativist French and European activist movement.

The action was aimed at calling on France and Europe to remain true to their traditions, values and identity as well as to resist what they called a “migrant invasion,” according to the protest organizers.

Generation Identitaire earlier provoked public controversy with its nationalist and anti-immigrant views. In March, more than a hundred protesters that took part in the Génération Identitaire rally in Calais blocked several routes for migrants, preventing them from gaining access to the city.

Before the rally, Génération Identitaire called Molenbeek a “breeding ground” for jihadists in a statement, in which it urged people to gather under the slogan “Expel the Islamists!”

Melbourne, Australia: United Patriot’s Front vs the antifa horde

Over 300 members of the United Patriot’s Front & the True Blue Crew held a rally against Islam & immigration in Melbourne yesterday.

Seven people were arrested on a day that saw a violent brawl erupt between anti-immigration and anti-white protesters rallying in Melbourne’s inner-north.

After jeering at one another across police lines, the nationalists broke through & brawled with the anti-whites directly.

Punches were thrown, kicks landed and flags used as weapons as anti-white demonstrators and right-wing supporters brawled on the Bell Street bitumen, in front of a primary school.

Protesters from rival anti-racism and anti-Islam rallies are seen in Coburg.


The fight involved a significant number of people and lasted about half-a-minute before police could intervene. Police fired capsicum spray to disperse the brawlers.

One person said he saw a man “getting stomped on”, as he lay on the road.

Fighting also occurred over the fence, on the lawn of the Coburg Primary School senior campus. Men kicked, punched and grappled with one another on the ground before police arrived and separated them.

Protesters from the anti-white and the right-wing groups appeared to have been injured in the fighting, though the nationalist’s injuries appear to have come from the police.

Police deploy capsicum spray as anti-immigration and anti-racism protesters clash in Coburg.

UPF’s Blair Cottrell described the rally as a “great success” during an impromptu speech given to his supporters.


Suspicious fire destroys Geelong mosque

Remember The 14 Words

A SUSPICIOUS fire has destroyed a mosque in Geelong, Victoria.
Firefighters were called to the Manifold Heights former church at 2.10am on Wednesday, to find it in flames.
Seven crews battled for 50 minutes to bring the blaze under control but the building couldn’t be saved. Victoria Police are at the scene this morning investigating the fire, which they are treating as suspicious.

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Georgian nationalists celebrate independence day in Tbilisi

On the evening of May 26th, hundreds of Georgian nationalists organized by the autonomous nationalist group Georgian Power, marched through central Tbilisi.

Waving Georgian flags & anti-communist banners, the nationalists not only were completely unopposed but were welcomed warmly by the people.

On hand to cover what was certainly the largest nationalist demonstration to date were not only local media, but reporters from as far away as Canada.


After the march concluded some time later, most of the nationalists finished the evening with a drink at the nationalist owned Military Bar.