Azov holds massive celebration for 2nd anniversary of the organization

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Andriy Biletsky on the 2nd anniversary of AZOV

Glory to Ukraine!

Dear comrades! Today is the second anniversary of AZOV. Two years are not a big period of time for a man, but it is endless for the country in war. For the past two years we have not only stood the test of time, but also proved the strength of our AZOV brotherhood. We found many new friends and we remember all those who entered the ranks of the Heavenly Legion.

Last year was difficult. The politicians’ growing interference with the cause of national defense takes place. Began all kinds of secret talks. Someone’s business suffers because of war, someone lost usual incomes, someone simply makes a career. All forget about the Donbas just like they have forgotten about the Crimea.

The second year AZOV spent in the battles and hard work on itself, on self-improvement. I, without exaggeration, can say that today we have become the most combat-ready military unit of Ukraine. Training of the personnel, Officer and Sergeant schools – all of this makes us stronger, it turns us into the army of the XXIst century. Our foundation is the power of our brotherhood. As long as we are together, we have the power, and as long as we are strong – we are the victors!

Every year we become more and more confident in the Idea that we carry, as well as of the greatness of our Nation that gave birth to us. Our history hasn’t begun since May 5. It started with the vigilantes of the Kniaz era, the Cossack Sich brotherhood, the defenders of Kruty and the warriors of UPA. All those hundreds of generations of our Ancestors who took up arms to defend our homeland and whose work we continue today.

Comrades, we have no right to lose our country, we cannot betray the Nation, the blood of the fallen brothers and Ancestors! Responsibility for Ukraine lies with all of us!

Death to the enemies!









May 5, the AZOV regiment celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its creation in the city of Berdyansk from which began its path of glory. The regiment hasn’t been established at the stroke of a pen of an armchair general; it appeared in full accordance with the strict laws of the survival of the fittest. As befits a military unit, the soldiers of the regiment earned their title by making a partisan raid in Mariupol, back then captured by the pro-Kremlin militants.

Two years ago the “Azovians” received their baptism by fire, fell into an ambush and emerged victorious from it along with their war “trophy” – Igor
Khakimzyanov, “DNR Secretary of Defense.” The biggest of the reconquered cities of the Donbas, sunny Mariupol, and the whole region owe their security and peace namely to AZOV.




Today in Berdyansk hundreds of soldiers and members of Civil Corps AZOV created a powerful column that was moving towards the waterfront at which they received the awards and listened to the concert in honor of the second anniversary of AZOV’s establishment.

The column was created in the following way: ahead of it walked the regiment command led by Andriy Biletsky, the next block consisted of the representatives of the “little black men” (the Black Corps), then you can see the fighters who served in the battalion, immediately followed by a block of the soldiers of the regiment. The column ended with the representatives of Civil Corps from different cities of Ukraine. Residents of the city welcomed the “Azovians” very warmly and even gave them flowers. The event was very interesting and emotional.


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