Rome: Thousands of Fascists Rally against Invasion

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Ten thousand Italian patriots turned out today to take part in an anti-invasion and anti-European Union protest march though the main thoroughfares of Rome, organized by the Casapound Italia organization.

The turnout, replete with flags and ordered formations, started at the main Rome “reception center” for invaders at the Piazza Vittorio square, before moving off in the direction of the Colosseum.

Along the way, the disciplined crowd chanted numerous slogans such as “Stop the invasion! This is my home.”

The crowd carried flags, let off tricolor flares, and carried banners reading “Italy rise, fight and win,” “First the Italians,” and “Defend Italy with the spirit of the heroes of the Piave.” (The latter slogan is a reference to the June 1918 World War I battle which resulted in a decisive victory for Italy.)

The rally, held under the slogan of “Casapound Defend Italy,” was completely peaceful. At the speeches which were made at the end point, near the Colosseum, movement leader Gianluca Iannone—sporting an impressive beard—said that the parade was being done in conjunction with similar events in other European cities.

“We want a strong state to take care of our citizens and our children, we are against privatization, we want priority for the Italian people, and we are against uncontrolled immigration,” Iannone said.

“The march today is our response to those who want to control what we can say and do in our own city,” he said to applause.


At the end of the march, thousands of the participants retired to the Oppian Hill, overlooking the Colosseum, for a concert, headlined by Iannone’s own band, ZetaZeroAlfa.




Iannone told the media that the day’s events were “dedicated to the sacrifice of Dominique Venner”—the French historian and nationalist who in 2013 committed a protest suicide inside the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Venner, who was suffering from a fatal illness at the time, decided to commit suicide in the cathedral to highlight his opposition to the nonwhite invasion of Europe and the legalization of homosexual marriage.

The Casapound Italia movement is named after American poet Ezra Pound, and has been a formal political party since 2008. It started out as a movement aimed at securing housing for less well-off Italians, and has since evolved into a national presence which regularly runs food banks and charity outreaches—and has now moved into the political arena.

The group’s website informs readers that ideologically it is beyond “right or left,” and regards hyper-capitalism and Marxism as the same thing. It is running its own candidate for the Roman mayoral elections.

* The only violence during the day came from communists who attacked two youth members of the Fratelli d’Italia party, and a communist mob which attacked a minivan with German tourists.


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