Patriots Rally in Athens and Budapest

Il Nazionalista

Greek and Hungarian patriots gathered in their hundreds in Athens and Budapest today as part of the official European-wide anti-invasion rallies in honor of French nationalist Dominique Venner.

Although the rallies in Greece and Hungary were not as a large as their sister rallies today in Rome and Madrid, the message was the same: Europe for the Europeans, and “no” to the nonwhite invasion.

h1In Budapest, several hundred members of the Alterantív Európa movement rallied in the city center, carrying banners reading “Defend V4 Europe” (a reference to the Visegrad nations which are refusing to go along with the Merkel invasion plans),  and “Je Suis Dominique Venner” (I am Dominique Venner).

European Union flags with big red crosses through them were also prominently on display.

AE-04AE-05a1.jpgIn Athens, hundreds of nationalists attended a simple Remembrance Ceremony in honor of Dominique Venner, conducted by the Golden Dawn party.

Speakers at the ceremony…

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