Melbourne, Australia: United Patriot’s Front vs the antifa horde

Over 300 members of the United Patriot’s Front & the True Blue Crew held a rally against Islam & immigration in Melbourne yesterday.

Seven people were arrested on a day that saw a violent brawl erupt between anti-immigration and anti-white protesters rallying in Melbourne’s inner-north.

After jeering at one another across police lines, the nationalists broke through & brawled with the anti-whites directly.

Punches were thrown, kicks landed and flags used as weapons as anti-white demonstrators and right-wing supporters brawled on the Bell Street bitumen, in front of a primary school.

Protesters from rival anti-racism and anti-Islam rallies are seen in Coburg.


The fight involved a significant number of people and lasted about half-a-minute before police could intervene. Police fired capsicum spray to disperse the brawlers.

One person said he saw a man “getting stomped on”, as he lay on the road.

Fighting also occurred over the fence, on the lawn of the Coburg Primary School senior campus. Men kicked, punched and grappled with one another on the ground before police arrived and separated them.

Protesters from the anti-white and the right-wing groups appeared to have been injured in the fighting, though the nationalist’s injuries appear to have come from the police.

Police deploy capsicum spray as anti-immigration and anti-racism protesters clash in Coburg.

UPF’s Blair Cottrell described the rally as a “great success” during an impromptu speech given to his supporters.



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