South East Alliance holds RAC concert, protest in Dover

About 30 members & supporters of the South East Alliance held a demonstration against immigration & the EU on May 28th, in the port town of Dover. Speeches were given and an EU flag was burnt. Unlike previous demonstrations, this was entirely peaceful as only three antifa bothered to show up.

The anti-white media is calling this a defeat for us, because of the low numbers; what they fail to realize is that this wasn’t a huge call out to all the organizations like the previous demos. This was just the crowd from a skinhead concert having a protest beforehand.

Furthermore, antifa mustered a grand total of two fat women & one old man. This, in a city where they bragged that they were going to “drive us into the sea”.

Dover is now liberated territory for nationalists. Now is the time to step up recruitment, to engage directly with the public in all possible forums & form our own Dover based nationalist organizations.





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