Sausage wielding neo nazis attack vegan cafe

**Edit** This story is a hoax. I’ve gotten word from multiple Georgian nationalists saying that this never happened, in fact there is video showing it was leftists getting aggressive with a guy on crutches. Oh well, at least yespasaran was used as a reference by Fox News & VICE.

Tbilisi, Georgia.

The vegan Kiwi Cafe was holding an English-language movie screening when a group of sausage wielding neo nazis came in and started committing random acts of meat based violence.

They pulled out grilled meat, sausages, & fish and started eating them and throwing them at customers before starting to smoke, which is forbidden at the cafe.

When the owners tried to get them to leave a fight started, and spilled out into the street.  The cafe owners say neighbors, who are not happy with a vegan establishment being located there, joined in the fight.

“I do not like that Kiwi place,” a small business owner on the same street as the cafe told me, although he said he knew nothing about the recent events. “They put things in their hair, their skin…”

The attackers left before police arrived although the cafe owners say some of their workers were brought to a police office for interrogation.

The owners of the cafe in the former Soviet republic say there has been another recent incident where the group had been asking questions about whether foreigners, gays or other members of the LGBT community had frequented the cafe.

The incident comes amid growing support for far-right nationalism in the country.  In April a group of masked youth took to the streets to protest immigration and Islamization.

Earlier this month, a massive anti-gay conference was hosted in Tbilisi, and during Independence Day celebrations last week, hundreds of ultra-nationalists marched through Tbilisi chanting “Georgia is for the Georgians!”




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