Muslim owned cars set on fire outside busy Perth mosque

Perth, Australia:

A suspected petrol bomb exploded outside a Perth mosque as hundreds of worshippers were praying inside.

The attack occurred at the Australian Islamic College mosque at Thornlie, south-east of Perth, at about 8pm on Tuesday night.

Hundreds of worshippers were inside the mosque for their evening prayers when the attack occurred.

It is understood a petrol bomb may have been placed in a parked 4WD outside the mosque before it exploded.

A mosque was firebombed at Thornlie, south-east of Perth, at about 8pm on Tuesday night and the words 'f*** Islam' were scrawled on the wall as hundreds of worshippers were inside praying

Several other cars outside the mosque were also targeted. 

Footage from the scene shows firefighters working to extinguish a fire in the 4WD parked on the curb.

An anti-Islamic message saying ‘fuck Islam’ was also scrawled on the mosque wall behind the burning vehicle.

Unfortunately, no one was injured in the attack.

WA Police said four vehicles parked outside the mosque and college area were damaged in the attack.

One was completely gutted by fire.

‘It is believed an accelerant was used to start the fire,’ they said in a statement.

Three people were seen running down an alleyway next to the college after the explosion.



Pegida Germany Update: Weekly protest draws 2,300 in Dresden, German President Joachim Gauck met with hostile demonstration in Sebnitz

Each & every week, Pegida Dresden holds protests against Islam & immigration. The latest drew well over 2,000 people.

‘Traitor’! Protest Against German President As He Visits Saxony

German President Joachim Gauck was got a taste of popular feeling at the weekend after he went for a visit to Sebnitz, Eastern Germany.

Protestors — described as “Nazis” in German media — followed the German President around Sebnitz as he visited the town shouting slogans, accusing him of being a “traitor to the people” and “politically pathetic”.

The demonstrators who were predominantly PEGIDA supporters blew whistles and shouted slogans to express their dissatisfaction with the President, and the government he stands for. Although not as prominent in the minds of PEGIDA supporters as Chancellor Angela Merkel, he has become a figurehead for the significant changes presently overtaking Germany in the wake of the migrant crisis and the disintegrating multicultural society.

In addition to calling the President a “traitor”, the protesters called on him to “get out” of Saxony, blew whistles in chorus and threw sweets at the president, reports Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Traitorous German police responded to the president being pelted with candy by tear gassing the protesters, injuring two and arresting one.

Although the protest was not officially linked with the PEGIDA organisation itself, the official Facebook page of the Dresden movement — the capital of Saxony and the founding city of PEGIDA — called the demonstration a good example of “civic virtue” and an “inspiration”.

This is not the first time the President and others have been harassed in Saxony, the most uncucked of German states. Gauck was similarly protested when he last visited the area in March, and Justice minister Maas complained of similar treatment, being run off by hostile locals. State prosecutors in Saxony were urged to investigate last year after at a PEGIDA protest a gallows was seen sporting signs on the nooses suggesting they were reserved for senior German politicians.


The List

The following link is to an antifa fundraiser for the people hospitalized in Sacramento. There is a list on the right hand side of the page giving the names of all who donated. Of course, many of the names are just aliases, but some people where kind enough to include pictures of themselves. I encourage all of my readers to take a look & see who funds anti-white violence.

Slaughter in Sacramento: 9 antifa hospitalized in epic bloodbath

Yesterday, Sunday June 26th, about 20 members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party & Golden State Skinheads held a demonstration to “protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression”.

They were met by over 200 armed antifa.

The antifa immediately set on them with all variety of weapons; flagpoles, boards, bricks, broken bottles. One nationalist suffered a major slash to his arm. But then the nationalists started fighting back.

In the chaotic melee that followed, the nationalist fighters made short work of the antifa mob; first with fists & boots, then with knives.

Six antifa were hospitalized immediately following their humiliating rout; nine eventually were hospitalized, two of which remain in critical condition. It still remains unclear how many were stabbed.

In the end, police broke up both the fight and the protest, but our men fought against overwhelming odds & emerged not only victorious but triumphant, inflicting 9 to 1 casualties on the enemy despite being outnumbered nearly 10 to 1.

One nationalist had to be taken to the hospital; a fundraiser is being held for his medical bills & for any legal fees that may result from the day’s action. There have been no arrests so far.

From TradYouth:  We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

But we also owe them a real financial debt, as well.

We’re working to get fundraising tools online, though the left has become adept at shutting down and interfering with fundraising efforts on the mainstream online fundraising tools. Our goal is to completely cover all of the medical costs of our injured comrade in addition to the legal costs which will surely come as the leftist thugs apply their “lawfare” against our men.

All of the donations flagged for “Sacramento Spartans” will be carefully tracked and will only go to medical and legal expenses of the men who risked and sacrificed so much today. Everything we receive in the next week will go to Sacramento regardless of flagging. All administrative and secondary expenses will be covered by the Party and/or the Directorship, ensuring that every penny donated here goes exclusively to the heroes who risked everything for your race, your nation, your children, and for you. Please give generously.

As more specific information comes in about the costs, we will be as transparent as possible.

Check, Money Order (or Cash)

Pay to: TradWorker

P.O. Box 606

Benson, NC 27504




United Patriot’s Front & True Blue Crew hold rally in Melbourne

About 150 members & supporters of the United Patriot’s Front & the True Blue Crew turned out for a rally to “display our pride in our flag and country”, though anti-Islam & anti-immigration sentiment was also high.

Campaign Against Racism organiser Vashti Kenway said the group hoped a few hundred people would join the protest on Sunday, with the aim of outnumbering the True Blue Crew (pictured) event

Some random Vietnamese guy decided he wanted in for some reason. Probably because he hates communists for ruining his country.

Leader of the United Patriots Front Blair Cottrell (pictured right in yellow) spoke to Vietnamese Australian Steve (pictured centre) who wanted to march at the front of the protesters 

Speaking of communists, about 150 anti-white counter protesters turned up to demand that Australia be given away to the foreign hordes of non-whites because Aboriginals were here first. Or something like that.

Either way, they scored a massive own goal when they burnt an Australian flag, assaulted a reporter who was likely on their side anyway, & tried to start fights with the police.

A man & a woman, presumably antifa, were each arrested for assault & an african invader was arrested for breaking a reporter’s camera.

A protester was arrested by riot police after damaging an Age photographer's camera.

There were no actual fights between nationalists & antifa this time, because a massive amount of riot police kept the two sides apart.

After meeting at the rally point, the nationalists marched to a nearby park (followed closely by antifa), where speeches were made & interviews given to the media.

All in all, a successful day out.



Nationalist demonstrators take to streets demanding repatriation of immigrants

During a rally in support of migrants in Newcastle yesterday, supporters of the old National Front displayed a banner declaring: ‘Stop immigration. Start repatriation.’

Far-right demonstrators took to the streets today demanding repatriation of immigrants in the wake of the Brexit vote.

A tense stand-off took place in Newcastle city centre as groups defending the non-white invasion of Britain gathered to oppose the demo arranged by the English Defence League, & attended by the North East Infidels and National Front.

Dozens of nationalists came out despite the rain & conducted a protest lasting three hours.

Police managed to keep the two sides apart & there were no arrests.




Portsmouth, England: South Coast Resistance demo

On May 8th, several dozen members of the nationalist group South Coast Resistance protested against mass immigration & islam in the city of Portsmouth.

Antifa came out to counter protest.

As can be seen in the video, they marched with banner unfurled straight for the heart of the antifa horde before they were unfortunately stopped by the police.