National Front hold White Pride rally in Swansea; National Action crashes counter protest

Ten people have been arrested during protest events held in Swansea city centre.

The arrests came as members of the National Front, British Movement, & West Midlands Infidels staged a White Pride event, and antifa staged a counter demonstration.

South Wales Police say the arrests were for minor public order offences, and those arrested are currently in custody at Swansea Central Police Station. Nobody was injured.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “At this time, it is believed that none of these arrested are from the Swansea area.

“The majority of people who attended the events exercised their right to peaceful protest ad there was minimal disruption to the city centre”.

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Now things get more interesting…..reposted in full from

National Action Gatecrash Swansea White Pride Counter-Demonstration


We were 161, Adolf Hitler division, the most top percentage antifascist outfit in Britain, our LARP was on point. We were not pasty students or smackheads, but authentic working class resistance. Rival Antifascists have claimed the unit’s flags were bought of the internet, but this is not true. The Red flag AFA flag was a trophy from last year’s infiltration of a PEGIDA counter-protest by National Action activists, the black variant is the property of an ex-antifa – his flag has seen battle in all the major anti-austerity riots in London. In every sense, we were the real deal.

Our destination was the Swansea white pride counter demonstration. Every year the National Front hold a small demonstration outside the ruins of a castle in Swansea city centre – on the opposite side of the road there is a plaza where the opposition assemble and shut down the town. This year the demonstration had been taken over by the pig-government and turned into a public event with a massive sound stage and stalls – musicians, guest speakers, councillors, and members of parliament were all present. In addition a week of events had been planned including an oragami session by Hope Not Hate called ‘1000 Swans of Hope’. We were not going to stand by and allow the bourgeoisification of the resistance – CLASS WAR IS RACE WAR!

Anti Fascist Action Adolf Hitler Division

Action Report Swansea 26/03/2016

When we approached the cordon security was far greater than anticipated; there were tons of police covering all exits and lots of back up. This greatly reduced what we would be able to reasonably achieve on the day, but there was still chance of some success.

There were 10 of us and around 100 antifascists and 500 other protestors, so with zero regard for our personal safety we waltzed in like we owned the place. We gave some nods, mingled with the Antifa, and helped them scream at stuff.

Intelligence on the demonstrators was gathered and logged for future use. Practically none of the antifa were local – this is ironic as it has always been portrayed in the media as a local event opposing a bunch of fascists who have been bused in from across England. However we recognised most of the NF (National Front) and BM (British Movement) demonstrators as being local to the region (South Wales is something of a Fascist hotbed).

We spent some time at the stalls; Hope not Hate, Socialist Worker, and an Islamic stall representing the Ethnic youth centre – none of them had any idea who we were, we even spoke to David Phillips the head of Swansea city council.

I noticed a couple of our guys speaking with a group of local antifa – they were listening carefully to what was being said. They had clocked us. Not expecting any resistance he asked “Are you leaving now!?”, he didn’t like my response and a fight broke out – immediately our guys ploughed into a dozen social rejects and drove them off. The antifa were so concerned with getting us out quietly that they had not bothered to inform any of their comrades. Completely surrounded by protestors and antifa they just stood there and gawped – many could not work out what just happened until stewards were screaming at them to do something after we had left. A young woman in black bloc began wildly screaming and laying into our guys in the hope that her low energy cuck comrades would come to defend her – it is sad that this litte girl had more balls than any of the other antifa who moments before were so tough behind the police line.

Some of our guys left through the side, while a couple of antifa joined us as the main group left and would also be arrested – a flare was thrown into the crowd. A couple of antifa who had nothing to do with either group started having a punch up; confusion was total. In one beautiful moment the counter demonstration split and a hundred antifa who were protesting the white pride demonstration came streaming down the steps.

As we left the police conducted a stop and search and were not particularly happy with the amount of pyrotechnics found on the group. We were all arrested and later bailed with no further action taken. This experience had not perturbed us and has built camaraderie in our group.

So this was #Occupycommunism phase one, the undermining of safe spaces and the gradual marginalisation of the communists into having to adopt the limiting closed tactics and challenges of the right. Antifascists who are fully aware of this story including a Hope Not Hate journalist who photographed the arrests have been very quiet about this incident – no gloating reports this time. This is probably because it was only plain dumb luck that prevented National Action inflicting a devastating humiliation on the communists, they will not be so lucky next time.


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