Arnsdorf, Germany: Citizen’s Defence Group Removes Kebab


  • Iraqi was in shop in Arnsdorf to return a phone card he thought was faulty
  • But after being told it had run out of credit he threatened worker with bottle
  • Germans rush in
  • They punched him several times, dragged him out and chained him to a tree


Vigilantes in Germany dragged a rapefugee from a supermarket and chained him to a tree after he threatened a worker with a wine bottle.

He was surrounded in a cut-price supermarket called Netto by members of the local citizens defence group – an organisation set up by right-wingers to protect locals following the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by immigrants.

The bottle was removed from him, he was punched several times and dragged screaming from the supermarket. Outside he was chained to a tree.

 One of the local heroes was a CDU conservative politician in the town who said he and his cohorts displayed ‘civil courage.’

The Iraqi rapefugee was later taken by police to a local mental hospital.




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