Nationalists disrupt Gay March in Gdansk

Clashes between nationalist groups and the police erupted during a march supporting  homosexuality in the coastal city of Gdańsk on Saturday.

Photo: PAP/Dominik Kulaszewicz

Shortly after the gay demonstrators set off from the Targ Węglowy square, a group of some 200 individuals, brought together under a coinciding Equality Antimarch, attempted to block the protesters.

The face-off turned violent once the police moved in to crush opposition to homosexuality.

Earlier, the 200-strong Equality Antimarch, which included members of a local branch of the far-right National Radical Camp (ONR) and football fans, dispersed into smaller groups, some of which gathered along the planned route of the gay demonstration.

Five people were arrested in the clashes, among them a daughter of a local Law and Justice councillor, Anna Kołakowska.,Counterdemonstrators-disrupt-Equality-March-in-Gdansk



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