German National Socialists hold massive anti-immigration rallies in Dortmund, Erfurt

One thousand German National Socialists marched through the city of Dortmund on Saturday in a large, heavily policed anti-immigration protest.

According to the event’s official website, the demonstrators were protesting against what they called “over-foreignization,” by which they mean mass immigration, the German government’s open-door asylum policy, the ongoing refugee crisis, and the concept of multiculturalism. Chants of “Frei, Sozial, und National” rang out as they marched unhindered through the city.

Held under the slogan “A Day of the German Future,” this was an annual event organized by Michael Bruck, who is member of the small radical Die Rechte (The Right) party and also a member of Dortmund’s city council. Various nationalist organizations throughout Germany were in attendance, including the NPD, Hooligans Against Salafism (the group that gave rise to PEGIDA), as well as autonomous nationalists.

Antifa organized a large counter demonstration, but were unable to get to the nationalist bloc or hinder the march in any way. Utterly failing to stop the nationalists, they settled for smashing cars & fighting with the police, who proceeded to tear gas them.

A similar march, numbering in the hundreds, was held on the same day in Erfurt.

The protesters marched through the city for three hours chanting “We are the people!” while holding up placards reading “For maintaining the freedom of speech,” “For the general referendum,” (on immigration)“Against the arbitrariness of the government.” They also waved German national flags, as well as the flags of some other European nations.

Again, antifa came out to counter protest but, unlike in Dortmund, remained peaceful.

No arrests were made.



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