Scottish Defence League holds anti-immigration protest in Glasgow

Approximately 80 patriots from the Scottish Defence League, along with members of the North West Infidels, North East Infidels, & National Action took to the streets of Glasgow on Saturday to protest against mass immigration & islam.

George Square demonstration

The nationalist forces were met by a fairly large number of particularly strange, out of shape antifa protesting the right of the Scottish people, & whites in general, to exist.

Fortunately for the communist rabble, police were diligent in keeping the two sides apart & no violence took place.

The nationalists held signs with the words Homes For Heroes, Not Immigrants, Stop Foreign Aid, Look After Our Own People and No More Mosques.

They chanted “Refugees go home” and one of the group addressed the counter-protesters on a loudspeaker, telling them: “You put Syria before Scots.”

He told the demonstrators: “There are 35,000 families in Scotland that are homeless and you want to bring more people here.”

The protest concluded after about 35 minutes.



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