United Kingdom roundup: South West Infidels, Pegida Uk hold protests; Brighton antifa trolled

South West Infidels in Bristol

In the city of Bristol, the South West Infidels held a modest protest against immigration of about 20 people.

Antifa came out by the dozens, & failing to attack the nationalist march, they turned to attacking police & media persons instead.

Hilariously, their only victim was the video camera of a left wing journalist.

PEGIDA UK holds protest in Rotherham

**Note: PEGIDA UK are total cucks & do not have the endorsement of YesPasaran. However, they do some good work in that they refuse to let the issue of non-white rape gangs be forgotten.**



The UK’s third official PEGIDA walk through Rotherham, a town terrorised by Muslim rape gangs for a decade, has passed off peacefully with no reported disturbances.

Around 150 demonstrators from the anti-Islamisation group walked quietly from Rotherham train station to the Town Hall where they listened to speeches.

Roughly 100 counter-demonstrators had gathered to oppose them. They had vowed to turn their back and remain silent, but several turned around and shouted abuse as the PEGIDA walkers passed calmly by.

image                                            This about sums up the energy level of the left


Brighton antifa trolled with phantom protest; 14 anti-whites arrested

Far-right groups South Coast Resistance and the Pie and Mash Squad had announced a march in Brighton on June 6th, but did not turn up that day.

The latter told the Argus (a newspaper) they never intended to but “wanted to show the left up for the anti democratic rabble that they are.”

Of course, this phantom protest just happened to be on the same day as the “Great Skinhead Reunion”,  a Trad/SHARP skinhead music festival.

Chaos ensued.

Mobs of black clad antifa roamed the streets, attacking anybody who looked like a skinhead.

According to one attendee, four Polish men had left their hostel to get some breakfast before the reunion on the seafront when they were confronted by the masked demonstrators.

One of their targets, whose identity The Argus agreed to protect, said: “About 20 people came towards us saying, ‘where you come from, lads?’

“I said we had come down for the skinhead reunion and they attacked us straight away.”

You heard that right: antifa were literally trolled into attacking other “anti-racists”, & they got arrested for it.




New National Action video of the flash demo in York. Read about it here.





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