Nordic Resistance Movement: May 2016 report

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Resistance. The month of May began with the largest national demonstration in years, but what happened? Read the report on the month’s fighting efforts in the North.


May 1 demonstration in Borlänge against large financial and traitors . Probably you as a reader on the North Front are already familiar with this activity, but for the sake of omitting it from the monthly report would be an affront.

350 men and women in green-white-black banner completely took Borlange this day. Counterdemonstrators almost failed to materialize, with the exception of a few individual dreadlocks figures, a smaller gangs angered clowns and a proffsdemonstrerande adopted Negress. A lot of the audience was in place at the final destination, despite police attempts to keep them out, and centuries in both Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian went off exactly as planned.

The demonstration was the largest national in years and the largest National Socialist on even longer back and got media attention in almost all over the world!

Some might have expected that this would suck out the organization’s forces for some time to come and that some vacuum should arise in activism, but already on the way home from Borlange began fighting work again . With hindsight we can say that the whole month proceeded with a very high tempo of activism.

Europe Day was celebrated with EU flags were confiscated and burned throughout the country. In central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Kalmar made it public to the general public with their speech. Another type of flag burning also occurred in Blekinge, where the gay lobby perverted their way with their “Pride Day” and local activists therefore fired up the rainbow flag.


In Skaraborg activism has actually increased in recent times and this has not gone past the hostile media. Radio P4 Skaraborg during the month of around 20 (!) Different broadcasts reported the Resistance, mapped activists and interviewing people, especially opponents. The resistance movement has responded to this with even more increased activism in the area and in May, among many other radio building cordoned off and a public leafleting in Skövdehave been implemented. Several were the Skövdebor who came to the activists and joked Radio P4’s story and encouraged the continuation of the fight!

P4 Skaraborg

Other things that happened in the country during May include involvement with sales table at Sunnansjö spring market, public actions in Emmaboda, Hudiksvall, Ystad, Eskilstuna, Nybro and Kalmar, cordoning off of a decadent “art” Exhibition in Gothenburg and our activists also constituted the majority of place for anti-racist forum in Ludvika .


Ordinary propaganda activities and internal activities such as lectures , training, workshops, social events and wilderness stays have been implemented throughout the country. Several are the battle groups took the opportunity to advocate for and during major events in their local communities, such as the Medieval Week in Landskrona, Vätternrundan in Motala, “Tassemarten” in Hammarö and bakluckeloppisen the North field in Karlstad. Leaflets, posters, placards, banners and stickers have also been spread, for example, Malmo, Lidköping, Ystad, Eslöv, Ornskoldsvik, Falun and Lycksele. Activists in Umeå also announced the end of the month that they intend to launch the self-defense courses for the public.


In all, 217 activities reported during the month, in addition to the Europe Day.If we all flag burnings that implemented activities we have again beaten activity record, but it’s not so fun to break records every month and therefore I choose to disregard this. So, better you can! 😉


The Resistance is constantly growing is difficult not to take notice of. Althoughthe Expo during the month, reported and show in its annual report that we more than doubled our activism in 2015 and that our organization accounted for about 80% of the activism of the “racist environment”.

balance of power

Even in Norway, growing organization like mad. Haakon Forwald wrote amonthly report like this article for those who are interested to learn more about what happened there, but some of the raisins in the cake is that we are in May hit activity record in Norway, to Resistance policies Our road released in printed form, the activists do more activities and more public than before and that PST’s (Norway’s equivalent to the FBI) harassment increased dramatically as proof of success!


In Finland the organization during the month received more media attention than usual because of the traitor Henry Holappa ‘s gambit. Public campaigns have been carried out in Helsinki and Jyväskylä and Tampere cleaned a war memorial traveled for Mannerheim char vandalized on May 1. The fight live thus also in Finland!


As previously mentioned, it was therefore no silence after the May 1 demonstration. On the contrary, it has been a month at full speed, solemnly started kicked off the demonstration in Borlänge. All activism Nordic Council of Resistance perform springs from the love of our people with a sharp sting directed against those who go against this interest is that big business and people traitors – thus not only the demonstration, but the entire month of May part of the fight against these malevolent forces. Now, in June, it is our duty to do what we can so that those who oppose our people will be sleepless Also this month!



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